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Our Staff

Pastor Paul Tiefel

Pastor Paul Tiefel graduated from Immanuel Lutheran College and Seminary (1973) and began his ministry serving as pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Sister Lakes, Michigan. He also served Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in the Detroit area. He accepted the call to Messiah in 1991, and over the years has been joined first with one additional pastor and then a third. He and his wife Eileen have been blessed with 8 married children, 34 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren and enjoy time together biking, walking, and canoeing.

Pastor Caleb Schaller

Pastor Caleb Schaller graduated from Immanuel Lutheran Seminary in 2005. That same year he was ordained as pastor at Redemption Lutheran Church in Lynnwood, WA. In the fall of 2014 he accepted the call to serve as the third pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI. Caleb, his wife Jennifer, and their four daughters have resided in Eau Claire since that time. Caleb enjoys recreational shooting, fishing, rock-climbing, skateboarding, graphic art, and spending time with his family. 

Other Staff

Congregation President: Gerald Oster

Council Secretary: Steve Sydow

Treasurer: Gus Falkenberg

Board of Elders: Chairman: Ross Roehl

The Board of Elders assist the pastors in watching over the souls of the congregation.  Board members encourage and correct brothers and sisters in Christ as appropriate.  The primary focus of the Elders is on individual soul care, including visits for shut-ins and other spiritual care needs.

Board of Deacons: Chairman: Steve Naumann

The Board of Deacons oversees worship service details, Bible classes, preaching posts and other aspects of the ministry of the Word.  

Board of Property: Chairman: Jerry LeDuc

The Board of Property maintains the buildings and grounds owned by the congregation.  This is done through board member labor and volunteers secured by the board.

Board of Education: Chairman: Nathan Gurgel

The Board of Education oversees the Christian day school, vacation Bible school, Sunday School, and the athletics program for the Christian day school.

Outreach Committee: Chairman: Josh Gurgel

The Outreach Committee seeks to introduce people of our community to the Savior, makes our church known to the community, and broadcasts the Gospel through public events, flyer distribution, evangelism workshops, and the church's online social media platforms.

Technology Committee: Chairman: Matt Kelly

The Technology Committee implements and maintains technological aspects of the church service experience, including all audio, video, live streaming, and church web site.

Stewardship Committee: Chairman: Dennis Oster

The Stewardship Committee seeks to educate and encourage our members in the God-pleasing stewardship of their time, talents, and earthly possessions.   They prepare regular bulletin inserts, special offering envelopes and devotional materials to assist our members and families.